Our Young Guns Take Parkhurst by Storm

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The heritage suburb of Parkhurst in Johannesburg is generally regarded as very staid and very “old money”, with only 6% of homes in the area changing hands every year. But a closer look at the stats suggests that there is something else going on here – with the area’s location, reputation for excellent security and top-notch community facilities making it an increasingly trendy choice for a younger generation of affluent buyers.
According to property data company Lightstone, 79% of those who have bought homes in Parkhurst in the past year are under the age of 50 – and almost half of them are in fact under-35 – despite the R3,3m average price tag. What is more, 60% of those who sold a home in the suburb in the past year had lived there for seven years or less, which indicates that stock in the area is set to start turning over faster than in the past.
However, that will only happen if would-be sellers in the area are able to communicate effectively with the new generation of prospective buyers, and that is where our new Parkhurst sales team comes in. Having blown into the area like a breath of fresh air just a few months ago, this young team has already notched up an impressive number of sales – and in many instances has taken just a few days to sell properties that others had been marketing for many months without success.
A case in point is this home, which the team sold in three days for R50 000 more than the R2,7m asking price as a result of competing offers. It had been on the market for more than five months without attracting a buyer despite several drops in the asking price (See image 1).

And then there was this home, which was also sold in just three days, for the full asking price of R3,75m - after the battle-weary sellers had asked the team to compete against three other agencies for the marketing mandate (See image 2). 

"This young team has definitely brought a new energy to the Parkhurst market,” says Chas Everitt International group CEO Berry Everitt. They are driven to provide service of international standard, and the results they are achieving prove that they definitely have the right stuff when it comes to connecting sellers in sought-after areas with the new demographic of affluent buyers.

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Author: Barry Davies

Submitted 06 Jul 16 / Views 723