Rise Above

Nomad© is not for the average agent.

  • It is for top performers with the vision and imagination to embrace a whole new way of working.

Created by Chas Everitt International, the SA real estate group renowned for its technological leadership, Nomad© is also not just another gadget, app or computer program. And it is not a low-commission or fixed-fee system that ultimately aims to make the agent redundant.

  • It is a completely new real estate concept that enables you to stay right at the centre of the real estate transaction by providing added-value services that enhance your clients' lives - and ensure that you will be valued and properly rewarded for your specialist knowledge and expertise.

It effectively resolves the age-old dilemma of sellers wanting to pay less and agents wanting to earn more.

  • At the same time, Nomad© offers you the chance to escape from fixed farming areas, traditional offices and desk fees, by becoming an independent broker who is fully mobile and free ranging, but always able to access the superior business and professional support services provided by Chas Everitt International as a leading real estate brand.

Nomad© available in following areas:

Contact : Herman Louw 083 669 5730 herman.louw@everitt.co.za

Contact : Rory O'Hagan 083 328 8888 rory@everitt.co.za

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The best-of-breed Nomad© platform is not only your gateway to our national and international marketing channels, for example, but also to centralised divisions that provide all the administration, compliance and financial services you need, and to our world-class training, mentoring and recognition programmes.

So if you’re tired of doing the same old thing and getting the same old results, enquire to find out how to become a Nomad© and break free