Franchise Opportunities
We offer a full business format real estate franchise for Sales and Rentals. At Chas Everitt franchise systems we have developed a truly South African Real Estate franchise recipe for success.

Sales and Rental Agents
Our reputation in the industry helps attract and retain outstanding South African estate agents. Chas Everitt is recognised as one of the top award winning real estate groups, with some of the highest earning estate agents in South Africa.

Notebook Licensing
Chas Everitt is also the only real estate group currently offering more than one solution to estate agent entrepreneurs looking to own or operate their own real estate business at low start up costs.

Why Should I Join Chas Everitt?

Our brand can be quantified as our products and services all wrapped up and delivered in our values, however just like you can get chicken at Kentucky or the Mount Nelson, we recognise that people all have differing ideas about how they like their chicken!

Whilst both 'offices' serve great chicken, the expectations from their clients will be very different. In the same way Chas Everitt markets and promises a package of benefits (both service and marketing products) to our clients we need agents who will deliver these a particular way. This 'way' was well described by one of our top agents as a 'service driven experience'. We deliver our products and service to mirror our highest ethical standards and integrity.

Integration with the corporate culture of Chas Everitt is thus a very important issue. We are not looking for everyone who wants to become an estate agent to join our team. Our selection process is aimed at ensuring that both you and the company will develop a partnership that will be productive and based on shared values.

If this appeals to the type of person you believe yourself to be let me tell you more about the three best reasons to join Chas Everitt;

Marketing & Sales Support
Rewards & Recognition
  • Master Agent Programme
  • Annual International Top Performers Convention
  • Quarterly Regional Awards Programmes
  • Annual National Awards Gala Evening
  • Circle of Champions Award
  • Reward and recognition for both Sales and Rental agents
  • Rental administration and Sales Administration awards
  • International LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio conference and Awards
Specialised Luxury Agent Training
  • AXIS Training (5 Day Agent Training)
  • Chas Everitt Intern Programme
  • Sectional Title Training
  • Advanced / Master Agent Training
  • Distressed Property Training
  • Rental Training
  • Management Training Courses
  • HR and Sales management training
  • Market Value Report (CMA) Training
  • Website Marketing
  • Online training and Webinars
  • EverRent (c) systems training
LeadingRE and Luxury Portfolio -
Provides Global Reach
Chas Everitt Top Performers International Convention

The Chas Everitt International Convention is a calendar highlight for team members and is affectionately known by all who attend as the "Funvention". It is open to all agents in the group (subject to attaining defined sales objectives).

With past destinations including the likes of Mauritius, Buenos Aires, Thailand, Bali and Mediterranean Cruises in Europe, this is something all of the agents in the group aspire to.

It's a unique offering, based on a philosophy that our Top Agents deserve real recognition and top rewards. Our agents form the lifeblood of our group and when they achieve it's our belief that we need to live up to this principle and reward them in a truly tangible fashion.

Chas Everitt's Vision
Be the leading real estate
company of choice.
Chas Everitt's Mission Statement
  • Be one team with the best trained people
  • Use the best technology and tools
  • Offer the widest range of value added products to the market place
  • Empower participants to achieve their objectives
  • Provide a memorable experience that creates loyalty
Chas Everitt's Values
Strong and consistent family values that build respect, trust and confidence.
We appreciate that your interest in exploring a career with Chas Everitt is both private and confidential.Whether you are looking at joining us as an Agent, Franchisee or Notebook Licencee - Give us a call or should you have any questions please contact us on:
0860 104 355 / 0118 012 500
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