Lighting Up The Hout Bay Nights

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Chas Everitt International in Hout Bay is on a mission to help prevent crime in the neighbourhoods it serves by putting up solar-powered street lights.
“Good street lighting is a proven way to deter criminal activity,” says franchise co-owner Greg Walton, “and that’s the thinking behind our Beacon of Light project, which involves placing solar-powered street lights in local areas to enhance the safety and security of residents.
“These lights work really well and because they require no electricity connection, they can be installed quickly and easily wherever we have permission to do so.”
Several lights have been installed so far and Hout Bay residents are now being asked to make further suggestions about where they are needed most – bearing in mind that they may not be erected on private land.
“We have certainly had a great response so far,” says Walton, “and we are now also working with the local neighbourhood watch groups and encouraging other companies to join us in sponsoring the lights so that we can expand the campaign and light up Hout Bay even faster.”

Bokkemans and Blue Valley were the first recipients of a Beacon of Light, which is set up on Fynbos Close in Hout Bay. If you feel your neighbourhood is in need of one of these, or if your business would like to sponsor a Beacon of Light, please contact Greg Walton on 083 629 7986.

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Author: Barry Davies

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