Chas Everitt Flag Planted in South Cape Villages

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The Chas Everitt International property group now has a presence in all the picturesque towns and villages along the Southern Cape coast from Mossel Bay to Glentana, thanks to the relocation of high-profile estate agent Annatjie Janse van Rensburg.

These towns, including idyllic Hartenbos and Groot Brak, are among SA's most popular summer holiday destinations - and also rated as great places to retire to, due to the mild climate, pristine beaches and opportunities to experience unspoilt nature, including sightings of the magnificent Southern Right whales that return to this coast every year.

However, having recently relocated from Gauteng's West Rand area, where she was an award-winning agent for the Chas Everitt group, Annatjie found she was not ready to retire and hang out her 'gone fishing' sign just yet. Instead she decided to take up one of the new Notebook? licences offered by the group and get right on with doing what she loves best - selling houses and keeping her clients informed about all the latest developments in the property market.

Chas Everitt International head of franchising Barry Davies says the Notebook concept was devised to enable specialist agents and independent principals to operate under a strong national brand without having to carry the costs associated with a traditional franchise.

'It is specifically aimed at top performers in single suburbs, small towns or rural areas. It enables them to join the group and use our brand, business systems, websites and marketing material within a defined area while also giving them access to top-quality training, all at a much reduced entry and operating cost.'

Even more important, says Annatjie, is that being part of the group enables her to offer her clients the benefits of the very latest marketing methods globally, even if they live in an out-of-the-way coastal village. 'Change comes slowly in small places like these and people tend to keep on doing things the way they have always done them. 'But the market has changed radically since most of the owners on this stretch of coast bought their properties, and become much more competitive. Potential buyers have far more access to information and far more choice so one has to advertise and market far more widely in national and even international forums to achieve a result.' 

Annatjie has also already obtained the new NQF level 4 real estate qualification - which a great many agents still have to complete - and, as member of the Chas Everit group, she has access to top level training on an ongoing basis, 'which keeps my skills sharp and current and enables me to keep my clients ?in the know' about the latest market developments. 'And people here are responding really positively to that feeling of being connected to the wider world, with the result that I already have exclusive mandates for several exceptional properties, even though I have only been active in this area for a few weeks.'

Author: Barry Davies

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