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Here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to prepare your house before the photography shoot:
Remember: First Impressions Last! 
The first time a buyer sees your house (whether it is a photo on a website or they are seeing in person) they will form an opinion of it. Your best chance as a seller is to give the right impression and there is a lot that you can do to help the buyer decide this is the right house for them.
Firstly, pack away any personal belonging (cell phones and chargers, laptops and other valuables, paintings or photographs or other items you don’t want shown in the photos. Remove fridge magnets & other items from fridge & keep the space on the surfaces in the kitchen free & uncluttered by only keeping a few appliances on them. Remove toothbrushes in bathrooms and other personal toiletries & place toilet seat down)
Tidy away all clutter

The likes of piles of books next to the bed (a few magazines neatly stacked is fine), pack children’s toys neatly away in cupboards or on shelves, remove any spare handbags and scarves hanging from cupboards or chairs. Makes sure all dishes are washed and packed away. Pack away any personal documents in your office/study and leave the desk as clear as possible.
Check your Garden & Outside areas

Take away the automatic pool cleaner from the pool (if possible), remove your pool cover (make sure your pool is as clean as possible- preferably blue & with no leaves in it), remove all pool cleaning equipment from garden area (e.g HTH & pool brushes etc). Make sure that all Pet blankets, cushions, bowls of food etc..have been removed from view and Patio furniture has been arranged neatly. Make sure your grass has been cut. Remove bins on wheels and any other clutter lying around outside in the garden.
Our photographer will be making use of ALL the lights in your house so please make sure the globes are all working. It really adds warmth and class to the photos! Finally herewith a few recommendations for adding those extra special touches to set your house apart from others.

Select one or two that you feel would work for your house:

Home Photo Shoot Seller Checklist

  • A bowl of fruit in your kitchen or on the counter to brighten it up.
  • A Vase of flowers on your Lounge or Dining Room Table. 
  • Set your dining room table with crockery and cutlery, napkins & candles.
  • Patio Furniture placed neatly around a table with a pretty tablecloth on it.
  • Patio Cushions set up on Patio or Pool Furniture
  • Put on your gas fireplace in Winter.
  • Switch on water fountains                                                    
  • Switch on all lights in your house a few minutes before the photo shoot.
  • A jug of water with a slice of lemon & a few glasses (works well for patios)
  • Turn on all lamps and overhead lighting in the home.
  • Raise all blinds to the mid-way point of the windows.
  • Open all curtains.
  • Hide all remote controls.
  • Move cords out of site. (Lamps, extensions, computer, etc.)
  • Remove all personal photos.
  • Stop all ceiling fans.
  • Clear home office of all clutter. Box up loose papers.
  • Remove all items out of the shower and bath.
  • Remove all items from the bathroom counter tops.
  • Close the lids to all toilets.
  • Remove all floor mats and area rugs in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Clear all items off bedside tables.
  • Avoid hiding items under the beds. They will be seen in the photograph.
  • Be sure any pets are contained in an area of the house that will not be photographed. (garage or utility room)
  • Remove any signs that you have pets. (crates, food and water bowls, litter box, etc.)
  • Remove all dishes from the sink.
  • Remove all appliances and clutter from kitchen counters.
  • Remove all magnets and items off the surface of the refrigerator.
  • Move any cars that are in the driveway down the street or in the garage.
  • Move outside rubbish bins and hoses to the garage or at the end of the drive, near the street.
  • Move any garden equipment/braais etc. into the garage or storage areas.
  • Cut the grass and spruce up/ turnover / clear the beds
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Seller Photo Guidelines appear Courtesy Rebecca Marais-Granger Cape Virtual Tours

Author: Barry Davies

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