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The Chas Everitt International Property Group offers an end to end Property Rentals Franchise solution which forms an integral part of the Chas Everitt Brand in South Africa.

Chas Everitt Property Rentals is the latest offering in the Chas Everitt stable and works hand in hand with the groups traditional Property Sales Franchises and Notebook Licenses.


With the increased demand for and regulation of the property rentals industry we decided to develop a fully-fledged and specialised rentals model.

To ensure the operation had a true rentals specialist, the group entered into a partnership with a leading KZN Letting expert to build and develop a complete Rentals Franchise solution under the Chas Everitt Property Rentals banner.

After 2 years of development, testing and trials, the new Chas Everitt Property Rentals Franchise model was launched in 2014.

Why does Chas Everitt offer a specialised Rentals Franchise?

It has become clear that property rentals are the FASTEST GROWING segment in the South African real estate market at present - and with the increase in the popularity of buy to let properties and the high costs of property purchase, this trend will only continue.

Property Rentals has also become a highly specialised area and most strong rental operations have a team of dedicated RENTALS professionals whose focus is on letting of property as opposed to selling.

Research has also shown that having a strong rental operation with a good "rental book" makes real estate operations better able to handle the vagaries of the traditional sales environment due to letting businesses having an annuity-based revenue stream in place.

It is also quite clear that operations with strong rental books can add tremendously resell value if the Franchisee consider selling the business.

In terms of Chas Everitt and the increasing regulatory and legislative changes we needed to ensure we had systems in-place which are developed to the highest possible standards, and which provides protects to all parties interests. These systems also needed to meet the current and future high standards and operational requirements which the rental environment demands.

Our goal in Chas Everitt Property Rentals is to:

  • Provide a full service and focused end to end Property Rentals Franchise Model
  • Enhance client/franchisee protection using an optimised rental business system.
  • Offer integrated rental management systems which handles stock control, management and accounting.
  • Maximizing and creating multiple revenue streams for our Property Rentals Franchises.
  • Offering systems which is developed to meet the highest legal standards.


Our Rentals Franchise model offers a host of benefits and is aimed at both owners of existing Rental operations looking to expand their operations under a strong brand, as well as to existing sales operations which may be looking to enter into the Property Rentals sector using tried and tested systems, marketing and documentation.

The benefits of the Chas Everitt Property Rentals Franchise model include:

  • Run by experienced Rental Operators.
  • Recognised Household Brand Name
  • Low start-up and operating costs for faster profitability
  • Large Network of offices and Referral system
  • Broad Website and Portals Access
  • Area Exclusivity
  • Dynamic & cost effective Rental Management & Bookkeeping Software through PayProp or Everrent
  • A comprehensive and evolving Rentals Document Suite.
  • Assistance in growing existing Rental portfolios
  • Reduces inefficiencies and problems in existing Rental portfolios
  • Portfolio acquisition advice.
  • Multiple fee structure models
  • Ancillary income streams
  • Multiple rental agent & admin staff remuneration models
  • Comprehensive set up and ongoing training for Franchisees, Administrators, Bookkeepers, and Agents
  • Ongoing legal & statutory updates
  • Ongoing support
  • Ongoing Rental training
  • Recruitment & Retention strategies
  • Awards and Recognition Programmes for Franchisees, Staff and Agents

Via our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio, as well as Marketing initiatives like our Luxury Rentals Magazine, we can open up a world of new opportunities. We're Local, We're Global. 

Full details on what you receive when you purchase a Chas Everitt Property Rentals Franchise are provided to all successful applicants upon attending the Franchise Presentation. 


We ask for a completed formal application and screen all interested applicants prior to approval. All Franchise operators (including existing operators) will require the relevant National Qualifications Framework (NQF) qualification at Level 5, be entrepreneurial in nature, have the requisite financial backing in place, have a passion for people and property as well as the ability to run their own business operation.


To find out more about our exclusive Property Rentals Franchise offering, or to attend an EverRent Presentation, email, call Barry Davies on 011 801 2500 (Office Hours) Cell 083 644 0001 or email Rentals Franchise Enquiries

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