Chas Everitt Rental Management Systems, Accounting, and Inspection App

We give our Rental Franchises, administrators and agents the choice of the best rental management and accounting systems on the market. This provides peace of mind and no effort to the Landlord, but also provides the Tenant with a professional and secure experience.


PayProp was launched in 2014. Since then it has grown quickly to become a leading processor of rental payments for the property management industry, and today serves a large and diverse customer base of letting agents.

PayProp is an automated rental payment and reconciliation platform that is both easier to use and more powerful than solutions offered by banks and traditional software vendors.

Our platform sets the standard for speed and accuracy of payments as well as cost and payment status transparency, offering our customers complete transactional control and regulatory compliance.

PayProp is part of the Humanstate Group, an international private technology services group with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and South Africa.


EVERRENT is an accounting and rental administration Management software program that has been written with the advice of Auditors, Accountants and Attorneys with great success.

EVERRENT is a sophisticated and comprehensive system integrating property management with a complete accounting function, from the listing of the property all through to the final refund of the deposit, and is fully designed for Trust management accounting, allowing the agency to perform all daily accounting (i.e. bank statement imports, payments, and more) as well as administration functions (i.e. sending out statements, managing repairs, and more) with ease.

In addition, the system ensures that all the information, data and documents loaded to the system is secure and loaded to our cloud drive and server all in real-time.


The ExplorIT Rental Management System forms the biggest part of ExplorIT services, and the system is specifically designed for Rental Management Agents.


TPN is the leading Credit Bureau throughout Africa and they specialise in vetting tenants for rental properties.


Redrabbit is a maintenance and inspection app, and overs not only maintenance management, but also integrates inspections and excellent communications platform

Chas Everitt Rental Management Systems provides:
  • Admin Dashboards
  • Rental Management
  • Create and Send Tenants Statements and Owner Statements
  • Online Owner and Tenant Statement Portals
  • Add all your Property, Owner, Tenant, Rental Mandate and Lease Information
  • Manage Arrear Debtors through reports, bulk emailing/SMSing and/or send payment History Report to TPN (PayProp)
  • Create and manage Maintenance and Inspections
  • Bulk Email and SMS correspondence
  • View property on Google Maps
  • Property Database
  • Manage and create User Restricted Access
  • Manage Rental Escalations (PayProp/ABSA)
  • Full Property listings service through Fusion (PayProp/ABSA)
  • Pop-up reminders for birthdays, leases up for expiry, escalations, vacating tenants and much more
  • Save, Share and Manage all your Emails, SMSes, Photos and Documents (Leases, Mandates, Inspection Lists etc.)
  • People Database
  • SMS integration with WINSMS
  • Accounting Dashboards
  • Full Accounting Package for Multiple Cash Books
  • Import of Bank Statements from online banking and SagePay
  • Export payments to FNB Business Enterprise and SagePay
  • Business, Trust and Deposit cash book management
  • Full accounting reporting system: Bank Reconciliation, Trust to Business, Journals, Trust Transactions, Trial Balances, Trust-Trial Balances, Deposit Trial Balances, Tax Reports, etc
  • Fees and Fee Reports
  • Run and process Trust to Business Transfer
  • Split commissions between agent and agency
  • Process Journals for all reallocations
  • Manage and process tenant charges in bulk
  • Manage all your Owner, Tenant, Contractors, Agents, Prospective Clients and more
  • Manage all your properties and complexes
  • Bulk emailing using templates and codes makes communication effortless
  • Arrear Debtor Management through Bulk Emailing of Arrear Debtors and integrated TPN reporting
  • Unlimited and secure database
  • Knowledge management and distribution across your organisation
  • Full reporting features for tax and audit purposes reducing both the hassle and cost of audits
  • Fully customisable user restriction to various EVERRENT features
  • Reduced cost due to mismanagement of accounts and wasted man hours
  • Manage repairs/Maintenance with Repair reports, Job Cards, Quotes requests, and more
  • Online portals for Owners and Tenants
  • Principals, bookkeepers and agents can work offsite and online