King Williams Town Property Market on the Rise

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A keen up-tick in property purchasing activity and a shortage of recent real estate developments are factors that are creating of a home stock shortage in the affordable sector of the in the Eastern Cape; however there is most definitely a "ceiling" on prices.

Located on the Buffalo River close to Bisho (the Eastern Cape's capital), King Williams Town is incorporated into the Buffalo City Metropolitan area, which East London forms part of.

King Williams Town has a number of top class schools including Dale College, superb shopping facilities and a mix of both public and private hospitals. King Williams Town is also a favourite as a residential property choice for government and para-statal employees who work in the capital of Bisho, academics at Fort Hare University in Alice and first time property purchasers from the likes Zwelitsha and East London

"At present King Williams Town property selling prices start at around R200 000 up to the R450 000 region for two and three bedroomed starter homes. For your typical full title family home you are looking at between R500 000 and R750 000 for a three bedroom, two bathroom property with garaging; and from about R800 000 to R1 200 000 for top end King Williams Town properties.

Author: Barry Davies

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