3,248m² Building For Sale in Somerset East

Fully equipped modern abattoir, capacity to slaughter 200 cattle or 1200 sheep per day. All equipment and cooling trailers included. 1. GENERAL INFORMATION

1.1 Abattoir situated in Somerset East, Eastern Cape.
1.2 Land and buildings are owned by the operating entity.
1.3 Slaughter capacity with current infrastructure is +- 160 cattle or 960 sheep per day.
1.4 The legal slaughter capacity, as per the Department of Rural Development, is 200 cattle or 1,200 sheep per day, provided the necessary requirements are met.
1.5 Halaal certified.
Note that management is currently considering a voluntary termination of Halaal certification in order to process pork and/or venison.


2.1 Sufficient holding pens for cattle & sheep.
2.2 Fully equipped and easy flowing slaughter area (single processing slaughter line).
2.3 Fully integrated Abaserve computer program, with barcode system to track carcasses through the process.
Provides valuable reports & information.
2.4 4x cooldown chillers with capacity to hold 50 beef carcasses each – total of 200 carcases (0 to 4 degrees Celsius).
2.5 Well secured deboning plant with capacity to debone, package and label 24 tons of meat per day with two shifts.
2.6 Plate freezer with capacity to freeze 360x 10kg boxes of deboned meat/offal in 8 hours (to -12 degrees Celsius).
2.7 Ammonia plant with spare capacity to increase the size of the plate freezer if required.
2.8 One red offal cold room and one dirty offal cold room.
2.9 Feet cleaning area.
2.10 Hides and skins salt store.
2.11 Holding area to prepare orders before loading.
2.12 3x loading bays.
2.13 1x freezer room with capacity to carry 100 single stacked pallets at -30 degrees Celsius. Racking can be added to double this capacity when pallets double stacked.
2.14 Generator for backup power.
2.15 Bulk fuel tank (diesel).
2.16 Adequate offices.


3.1 4x 22 pallet refrigerated trailers
(3 trailers with meat rails and one for transporting boxes)

For appointment to view this property and for more info please contact the Expert Property Practitioners Team: Dewald and Dottie Niemandt we specialise in Commercial Properties, Smallholdings, Farms & Residential Estates.


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