Why should I hire an Estate Agent?

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It’s a question many prospective Sellers rightfully ask.

Outside of the obvious issues around the complexity and time involved in marketing and selling a property in today’s busy world, there are many reasons why hiring a qualified Chas Everitt Agent makes sense.

Selling a house can be an extremely daunting task; in fact it can be a full-time occupation in itself!  

For many folks it simply makes sense to hire a professional estate agent and grant a sole mandate to them so that they take care of business for you – it’s their full time occupation!

A good estate agent can take care of all the details and help you get a better deal at the end of the day. Here are a few reasons we believe hiring a Chas Everitt specialist make sense:

Property Marketing Expertise
When you receive your complimentary Chas Everitt International Property Group marketing presentation from one of our Estate Agents, it will be customized for your particular property.
This will highlight what we will do to attract buyers to your home: through press advertising, web marketing, referral networks, direct mail, neighborhood drops and other print Solutions, our trusted name and well-known “Where Everitt it is It’s Sold “ slogan, For Sale boards, and our use of a true multiple site Internet strategy.
Chas Everitt Agents have a wide range of property Marketing Solutions at their fingertips and they will employ the correct selection for your specific homes needs to get the best price in the shortest time with the least amount of inconvenience. For an idea on what we have in our Property Sales Solutions bag – click here.                               
Agents are “Buffers” with Buyers
A good Estate Agent will take the “spam” side out of showing a property.

Chas Everitt Agents are busy professionals and they will prequalify and bring serious prospective purchasers to you home – at your convenience. They also ensure that Buyers can express themselves freely – something they won’t do directly with a Seller. This enables them to get to the bottom of Buyer objections and concerns. 

Sellers can’t help being emotional about their homes which is natural – but having an Agent as the buffer in any dealings or negotiations ensures that the transaction is handled “at arm’s length”.

Online Marketing Strategy
When you list your property with Chas Everitt, we make certain that the right buyers can readily find your listing on the Internet, where 80% of buyers start their search.
Our “Property Alerts” service links South African property buyers who express interest in your home directly with a Chas Everitt Agent who can supply more details and quickly set up an appointment for buyers to view your home. And we'll automatically notify everyone whose search criterion matches your home.
We'll also give your property additional exposure on a host of other leading South African property sites, including most of the major South African and International real estate portals such as Property 24, Tivvit, Cyberprop, IOL and other hugely popular sites. 
Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality
Chas Everitt Agents are trained to negotiate on your behalf and unlike most Sellers and Buyers they are able to distance themselves from the emotional aspects of the home sale transaction.

Many prospective Sellers find it difficult to negotiate price, terms and conditions with a Buyer – and many Buyers do not feel comfortable dealing with Sellers directly.

The 3 “E’s” - Education, Experience and Expertise
If you select a Chas Everitt estate agent you are choosing a well trained professional property consultant - you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of selling your home as they are there to walk you through the entire process.

A home, for many of our clients is the single most important asset in their portfolio – which is why they entrust its sale to an ethical, knowledgeable EAAB registered Chas Everitt Estate Agent who will treat the sale with the respect it deserves.

Strategic Chas Everitt CMA Pricing
Unlike many other Gauteng real estate companies that use a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA), we've invented our own exclusive pricing method called the Chas Everitt International Property Group Market Value Report.
By using accurate statistics and integrated system data, it goes beyond the traditional CMA to help project a price range that reflects your home's true market value in whatever market you are in based on current conditions.                                             
Show House Programme
No other real estate group is as committed to Showhouses as the Chas Everitt International Property Group.

A showhouse is still a valuable tool in the efficient exposure of your home and is still a popular way for many prospective Buyers to view homes in their own time and without feeling pressurized.

Ask your Chas Everitt Agent about everything that goes into making the most of a Chas Everitt Showhouse, from attracting attention beforehand, to providing more assistance during the show, to following up with all interested prospects directly afterward.
Every Chas Everitt Agent works closely with their Principal and their office colleagues to ensure maximum exposure. Teamwork is important – when you use a Chas Everitt Agent, you get the weight of the entire sales team behind your property marketing effort.

They make sure we highlight your home's affordability, then work to qualify buyers and to source the financing they need to purchase your home.                                 
Area Specialists
Chas Everitt Agents are the best and most thoroughly trained in the industry. They will use their thorough knowledge of the South African property market to target the people most likely to buy your home.

Chas Everitt Agents are truly “local area specialists” and have in depth knowledge on the neighbourhood and community allowing them to guide you in terms of latest trends and area conditions..                           
Pricing Guidelines
Contrary to popular belief, Estate Agents don’t select the prices for property sellers or buyers – it’s the market that dictates what a home will sell for.

Chas Everitt estate agents are able to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate up to date Market Value (Comparative Marketing Analysis) to enable you to price your home correctly to maximise your chances of achieving a sale.

Access to a wide pool of buyers
Chas Everitt is able to tap into the largest number of potential buyers via access to each offices database of Buyers on file as well as buyers from across South Africa (and outside of SA) through the Chas Everitt Referral Network.

Contact Chas Everitt today to get the real estate Solutions you need.

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