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The Steiltes area is reflective of the general demographic trends of Nelspruit – and is a firm favourite when it comes to buying property in Nelspruit.

As such you will find strong movement of property purchasers locally into the Steiltes area, and because Nelspruit is a rapidly growing town a constant stream of people from other provinces are also moving here since 1994, Steiltes, being one of the preferred Nelspruit property choices, often finds itself the main focus of attraction of newcomers with ambitions of owning property in Nelspruit.

The Steiltes area’s popularity extends to prospective homeowners in the middle and upper income groups as well.

The area is fairly young and modern as the style of the houses indicates.

Steiltes as a suburb has gained in popularity because it has a strong feel of the traditional style of community - a friendly suburb and neighborhood with families walking and jogging each evening along the main roads of this area.

Steiltes has its own shopping centre, sport and recreation club, filling station and pre-primary education centre.

The fact that there are no schools and industrial development makes it a peaceful area contributing to its attractiveness for Nelspruit property buyers.

The Steiltes area consists of freestanding houses and various townhouse and cluster complexes ranging from popular middle to upmarket scales allowing for a variety of individual preferences.

Steiltes is a great place to live life and a welcoming port of call when it comes to property in Nelspruit.

Author: Barry Davies

Submitted 28 Nov 16 / Views 231