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What are the chief pricing and sales trends of Rispark property?

Like many other suburbs found throughout Johannesburg, and indeed Gauteng, the last ten years have seen significant growth in terms of property values in the Rispark area.

There are a small number of properties in the Rispark area, all of which are freehold or full-title in nature. The small but thriving market stock is not to be underestimated though, as Rispark and surrounds offer welcoming communities with stunning homes for sale.

Rispark itself offers a prime selection of expansive homes on generous plots of land, including smallholdings as well as bigger farms – and with that a fine selection of investment opportunities. Property owners will love the fact that guesthouses and holiday letting flourish in this affluent area.

Freehold Homes in Rispark

Recent reports suggest that there are currently about 60 freehold properties in this increasingly-popular suburb.

Over the past decade around 20 registrations have taken place in terms of Lightstone growth and activity trends and over this period average property prices have increased by approximately fivefold, from about R 750 000 to R 3, 500 000.

A look at current asking prices will reveal the potential of homes for sale in the area. Potential buyers can choose from traditional 3 to 5 bedroom homes to beautifully built houses with close on ten bedrooms and amenities to match. Plots of land can range from reasonably large extents to acres of land that can be farmed or used for other outdoor commercial or recreational purposes.

Properties are currently commanding anything from above R 3, 000 000 for smaller 3 bedroom houses to over R 10, 000 000 with some in the midrange of R 5, 500 000 or thereabout.

While the homes in this area are quite specific in nature – and most of the folk here have lived in Rispark for over 10 years – newer buyers are starting to take an interest in the area. And judging from the property price movements, one can also expect fantastic returns should the prevailing trend continues.

Despite the tranquil lifestyle, much of the appeal is also bolstered by the fact that residents are still close to the city’s CBD.

Where isRispark situated, and what makes its location advantageous?

Nestled away from the bright lights and the cosmopolitan nature of Northern Johannesburg, Rispark has quietly become one of the most pleasant suburbs located within greater Johannesburg’s southern region. Although the area is fairly small – with about three or four roads running through it – it certainly doesn’t lack charm.

This delightful little suburb is situated just east of the Southdowns Country Club and south of the magnificent Klipriviersberg Municipal Nature Reserve. Various homes are perched up on the hillside, generally affording residents glorious views of the nature reserve as well as the golf course or surrounds. The M19 on the western side of the suburb makes for easy access to surrounds.

What are some of the amenities thatRispark property owners can expect?

Like many other suburbs in Johannesburg, Rispark isn’t far away from any of the amenities that you and your family may find necessary.

Firstly, the area is serviced by the Mondeor Police Station, which is located nearby. There are a number of good schools in the area if you’ve got kids; these include Glenvista High School, the Danie Theron Primary School, Mulbarton Primary School and the Mondeor Primary School. In terms of healthcare, residents can utilise the Mulbarton Hospital or any of the many general practitioners or dentists in the area. Shopping opportunities can be found at the Glenvista Shopping Centre, Mulbarton Shopping Centre and the Panorama Shopping centre.

These are to mention only a few – neighbouring suburbs and the city’s commercial hubs offer access to even more amenities, from prime healthcare to extravagant shopping opportunities.

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Author: Barry Davies

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