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Where is Pimville?

Pimville zone 1 consists of homes ideally suited for small families where the properties are mainly single-family, four roomed houses. It is tucked away close to the towns of Dube, Mofolo, Nancefield and Jabavu. What makes the area ideal is its close proximity to major cities including Johannesburg, Roodepoort and Kliptown. For those who want to live in a community that is uniquely local with greatly affordable housing, then Pimville provides the perfect match. Residents also enjoy easy access for work, trade or business purposes in and out of neighbouring hubs, such as those in Johannesburg CBD and surrounds.

What types activities and amenities are on offer in Pimville?

Local culture and activities: Residents of Pimville can enjoy the enriching history preserved in the Mandela Family Museum. Located only 3.5 km away from the area, the museum contains a rich collection of memorabilia, photographs of the Mandela family and a collection of honorary doctorates bestowed on Nelson Mandela. On the other hand, if you are seeking local adventure The Soweto Bicycle Tour takes you around the streets of Soweto and immerses you into the township’s rich culture. Local guides accompany you for half or full day tours, including cycling around the vibrant community whilst feasting on local cuisine.

Shopping: Residents have access to several shopping centres, two of which include Maponya Mall and A-Train Shopping Centre. Various upmarket malls and entertainment hubs can be accessed in and around Johannesburg city centre.  

Schools and hospitals: Pimville offers schools catering to all ages. Winnie Ngwekazi Primary School, Batsogile Primary School and Emphukantambo Secondary School are a few available options. For expert medical care, residents have convenient access to the likes of Lesedi Hospital and Eldorado Medical Centre.

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Pimville Property types

This area, of predominantly low LSM (4-7), reflects a market stock that consists solely of full title properties making up 100% of the total.

In the traditional full-title market, with over 830 property units in this category, we find relatively few sales during the past year, indicating stable market conditions where majority of the property owners are holding onto their homes for many years. Despite this observation we still note 9 successful transfers over this period where average prices ranged from below R 50 000 to close on R 140 000, with an overall average price of R 108 000.

Growth and activity trends confirm a similar average value as above, and despite some erratic movements over the past decade prices have more than tripled over this period. Houses are thus exceptionally priced considering the secure and modest positioning of the area. This is evidenced in nearest town rankings where we note that Pimville zone 1 exhibits average pricing lower than the likes of Pimville zones 2, 5, 6 and 7. On a national level average prices are on par with the likes of Indwe in EC.

It should also be highlighted that a look at sales over the past 5 years according to SAPTG reports indicate higher property sales prices, with homes offering great value for money. It has been noted that properties in the extent of 100sqm to 200sqm plus have commanded between R 150 000 and over R300 000. There were even a few sales between R 400 000 and R 500 000. Furthermore, a closer look at the municipal average values provides more insight into Pimville property prices. We note that average prices can range from around R 250 000 in zone 2 to almost R 660 000 in zone 7.

Author: Barry Davies

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