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What are the main Mulbarton property sales’ trends and the market stock composition?
Mulbarton property prices have exhibited an almost steady increase over the past decade as confirmed by recent Lightstone reports.
The market stock composition is majority Freehold homes (traditional full title houses and cluster homes) withDeeds office records showing these at about 63% of the suburb, followed by 29% sectional title properties(townhouses, flats and apartments) and lastly some 8% residential and lifestyle estate properties.
Purchases here have offered excellent returns for Johannesburg buyers over the past ten years, so discerning investors and homeowners scouting the area now, will be pleased at what these trends suggest for the future.
Freehold Mulbarton Houses

Transfer information over the recent year indicates an overall freehold or full title property price average of little over R 1, 450 000 – with average prices ranging between R 600 000 to close to R 2, 000 000.
Interestingly growth and activity trends report a higher current average in excess of R 1, 500 000 while the current municipal average is over R1, 600 000. The prices here are significantly higher than Liefde en Vrede and Linmeyer in the vicinity.
Sectional Title Units

In this category recent transfer information suggests an overall average price of close to R 800 000 – R900 000 with prices ranging broadly from around as low as R 400 000 for a 1 bedroom unit to about R 2, 000 000.
Growth and activity trends indicate a current average slightly lower at just under R 700 000 while the prevailing average municipal value resembles the overall average of about R 800 000 – R850 000. This places property prices here nationally on par with the likes of Glen Park in KZN.
Residential Estates

Properties in this market stock classification are treasured jewels, being the rarest within the local composition. This is demonstrated in prices that can reach in excess of   R 2, 050 000 with an overall average of above R 1, 200 000 as per recent transfer statistics.
The wider scope of property prices, which spans from R 300 000 to over R 2, 000 000 – evidences property diversity even in this, the area’s smallest property segment.    
Where is Mulbarton situated, and what makes the location attractive?

Nestled away in the heart of Johannesburg’s picturesque southern suburbs is the beautiful residential area of Mulbarton.
Real Estate owners have found - among other things - the area is renowned for its bounding natural beauty, playing host to a vast array of flora and fauna. The area has also experienced superb growth over the last few years with new developments attracting large numbers of new residents. The area is ideal for those seeking quiet, private living - just a stones throw away from the Johannesburg CBD.
What is unique about Mulbarton as a suburb?
Mulbarton possesses a natural beauty arguably not found throughout the rest of Johannesburg and its surrounding suburbs. Tucked away in a beautiful natural valley in the Klipriviersberg Mountain Range, this quaint suburb offers residents all of the aesthetics of quiet suburban life with all of the conveniences of the city. It possesses a uniqueness and character that distinguishes it and continues to attract buyers today.
What are some of the amenities Mulbarton property owners can expect?
Mulbarton and its surrounding areas play host to all of the amenities locals will need, from fully-fledged shopping centres to top healthcare facilities. Here’s a little more one can expect:
Privacy and accessibility: 

Not being as densely populated as many other areas within Johannesburg means that residents can enjoy comfy living and convenience - with sought-after privacy. The suburb offers excellent accessibility to surrounding areas including Alberton, the CBD and Germiston.


Your health will be seen to by numerous doctors, dentists and pharmacies in the area. The Netcare Mulbarton Hospital is a world-class medical facility also located within reach, to highlight just one.


The area is serviced by several reputable schools including St Martins, Marist Brothers College, Waterstone College, Glenanda Primary School, Mulbarton Primary School, Glenvista High School and the Harvest Christian School.

Recreational facilities:

Glenvista Country Club; Rietvlei Farm – Cycling, running tracks and a host of family orientated activities; Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – guided walks; Gymnasiums etc…. 

Author: Barry Davies

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