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What are the main property pricing trends and market in Duxberry?

With the location of Duxberry being so prominent, it is understandable that property prices hold favourably.

The composition is entirely freehold or full title, including stunning traditional homes, modern cluster homes in gated communities and much more catering to unique preferences and flexible budgets.  

Current SAPTG and suburb trend reports suggest that sales in excess of R 39 million were concluded over the recent year, with sales ranging from R 3.2mil to over R 8mil giving an average price in excess of R 4, 800 000. This median depicts remarkable growth and investment value. It’s thus no surprise that the area has become a haven for discerning residential buyers and investors seeking prime real estate opportunities in a secure neighbourhood.

Where is Duxberry situated and why is the location an advantage?

Duxberry is a quiet hidden gem within a security enclosure located in the Riverclub / Sandton district offering a peace of mind to a community driven secure neighbourhood. Security street cars roam the streets in view of cameras.

It offers an exclusive lifestyle with beautiful roadways lined with trees and the occasional siting of guinea fowl crossing, community parks and playgrounds.
River hiking trails and dog walking through a bird sanctuary area. Duxberry can be geographically identified with the format of a very large country estate  in the heart of a city.

Located just minutes from the Sandton Central Business District including the Gautrain underground and a half hour journey from central Johannesburg. Reputable schools including the international French Jules Lycee.

The finest shopping centres and the best of medical clincs on your doorstop.

Additional attractions are sports clubs and a huge recreational park.

This area offers the world class exclusive 18 hole River Club golf Course.

Author: Barry Davies

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