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Bryanston Property
Bryanston properties hold excellent value and upmarket sales currently average over R 6, 5 million, with over 600 Bryanston properties listed for sale according to current market analysis reports.
Data gleaned (SAPTG, Lightstone, FNB Bryanston Property Reports) indicate a healthy trend with house prices gradually, but consistently increasing in the Bryanston area. Traditional freehold 3 to 4 bedroom Bryanston houses priced at around R 3,4 million in 2010 and over the last 3 years have gone up to over R 3,8 million. The larger more exclusive Bryanston properties with 5 bedrooms and more can fetch from R 7 million upwards.
What about sectional title properties in Bryanston? 

Property sales stats trends show that these have also gone up to over R1,3 million for 2 to 3 bedroom apartments.
Demographically, a large portion of buyers of Bryanston property are under 35 years of age and the areas property options are diverse and myriad. You can find properties listed for anywhere from around the R950 000 mark all the way up to around R50 million, so there is literally something for everyone!
The secure lifestyle offered in Bryanston cluster homes and complex units ensure they sell at a real premium and are in high demand. Cluster property in Bryanston, much like the sectional title market in the area  are highly marketable due to the lower stock levels as well as the convenience and affordability they offer. Many find the move from a traditional house to a cluster home an easier transition than to a townhouse, and the additional security offered in cluster housing adds to the appeal.
Cluster houses in Bryanston are typically priced from the early R 2 millions to over R7 million for the more exclusive and spacious offerings. The larger part of the sectional title unit sales in Bryanston range from R R1 200 000 up to around R 1, 800 000.
Since Bryanston also offers excellent investment opportunities, recent reports have  estimated that up to a third of cluster and sectional title properties, in particular, are bought for buy to let and present excellent return on investments. The upmarket rental ‘sector’ is still very much alive in Bryanston and many of the high end Bryanston homes are leased out to large corporates.
Bryanston General Area Information
Originally a “farming community” established in the 1940s, today Bryanston is a very wealthy suburb ofJohannesburg and is home to some of the biggest corporations in Southern Africa, including the likes of Microsoft SA and Ogilvy & Mather.
Bryanston properties are highly sought-after as they offer great residential and investment value, together with an excellent “address”. This is why most Bryanston properties don’t last very long on the market!
Bryanston is also considered to be the largest suburb in SA, and the upmarket area attracts a large number of businesspersons and professionals. It is still a great place to start a family as it has managed to maintain its “family and community-oriented” appeal.
Commuting is also made easy with convenient transport routes and Bryanston is well located between Sandtonand Fourways. It is perfect for executives working in the area.
Bryanston was named after Bryanston Square, the developer’s original home in London, and soon after creation became South Africa’s first golfing estate. Since then Bryanston has flourished and Bryanston homes have been constantly gaining in both popularity and price. The all-round beauty, safety and high-class living make the properties for sale in Bryanston the perfect place to start a family, get your career up and running or even retire.
Bryanston Amenities
Bryanston is very well situated, also being close to the Sandton CBD - with every imaginable amenity close at hand!
Bryanston Schools and Community
The selection of Bryanston schools is a major influencer on the areas property market. Many families find the easy access afforded to schools combined with the central nature of Bryanston for commuters adds to its appeal.
Residents have a great selection of upper-class schools that are available around Bryanston, including Michael Mount Waldorf School, Brescia House and St Stithians among others. These and other private schools provide excellent facilitation and child-safety.
Other schools in or close to Bryanston include Bryneven Primary, Bryanston Primary and Bryanston High School to name a few more.
The Bryanston community has always been close-knit and many residents who move away tend to return later and purchase properties due to starting a family, or career advancement.
Bryanston Health and Safety
It’s no surprise that you will find world-class medical facilities including one of the most popular clinics in Johannesburg, Sandton Medi-Clinic,and various other health centres.
You will also find a large number of practising doctors and medical specialists in the immediate and neighbouring vicinity. Safety-wise apart from the significant private security and community watches usually associated with most of the homes and properties, Bryanston is also well policed by SAPS based in Randburg and Sandton.
Bryanston Shopping
There are several shopping centres to choose from including Bryanston Shopping Centre, Nicolway, Epsom Downs, Grosvenor Crossing, Posthouse Shopping Centre, Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square and Benmore Shopping Centre.
There are a number of excellent first-rate dining restaurants to choose from, as well as other convenience-based eateries.
Bryanston Leisure
The Bryanston Country Club Golf Courseis the perfect place to release tension and have some fun with friends. There are over 10 luxurious health and beauty spas, ranging from purely natural to new-age beauty treatments. Sports fanatics will enjoy the Bryanston Sports Club and various Virgin Active Gyms.
Bryanston East 

What types of housing are there in Bryanston East?

According to national real estate data source, Lightstone, the market stock composition of Bryanston East real estate is comprised of:

  •  50% freehold (full-title property)
  • 38% sectional title units (townhouses, flats, apartments)
  • 12% Residential Estate properties

Property Price Averages in Bryanston East

The average price of freehold properties can range from as low as R 2, 100 000 for spacious 3 to 4 bedroom homes, up to between R 5, 000 000 and R 8, 000 000 for more extravagant 5 to 6 bedroom homes.

The average valuation of freehold properties has also been on a steady rise since as early as 2010 and analysts expect this to climb further as more development and investment takes place in and around the suburb.

Sectional title Bryanston East properties follow a similar pattern and prices for these range between R 600 000 and R 1, 600 000 depending on unit extent, specific location and other salient real estate variables.

This is also expected to increase as more opportunities for sectional title properties arise through prospective development.

Residential estate properties in Bryanston East are valued at an estimated R4 100 000 on average, and offer residents seamless access to all the high quality amenities that are synonymous with luxury, secure living.

Bryanston West

What are the main Bryanston West property market and pricing trends?

Analyses of recent Lightstone reports indicate that 3 to 4 bedroom freehold or full title Bryanston West homessell for between R 2, 500 000 and R 5, 000 000; and average out at approximately R 3, 400 000.

The areas more palatial 5 to 6 bedroom homes on the other hand can range from around R 5, 000 000 up to prices as high as R 20, 000 000 or more. 

Sectional title (townhouses, flats and apartments) properties can range from about R 1, 050 000 for spacious 1 or 2 bedroom flats and apartments, up to around R 5, 000 000 for larger 4 to 5 bedroom options.

The property composition and pricing of homes in Bryanston tends to offer a broader range that accommodates families of varying sizes as well as more flexible budgets for residential buyers and investors in this upmarket suburb.

What are some of the lifestyle factors that attract buyers to Bryanston West?

Those fortunate to purchase in this wealthy suburb will enjoy exclusive living and privacy in a safe, secure neighbourhood.

Despite the serenity and peaceful lifestyle though, residents will also find luxurious amenities seamlessly accessible in and around the locality.

As the suburb’s background has its humble roots in “farmland territory”, the area is giving to wide open spaces, numerous recreational parks and facilities where children run free, in some of the most picturesque surrounds.

Author: Barry Davies

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