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Where is Bryanston East located and what makes it advantageous?

Bryanston is an affluent community of tight knit residents situated within the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

This popular and enviable location between Johannesburg CBD and Pretoria affords property owners excellent opportunities for professional growth in terms of career advancement, commerce and trade. This is because the favourable location allows easy access to dynamic commercial hubs within 100 kilometre proximity of the area.

Residents also enjoy this region particularly because of the convenient reach to many of the recreational and entertainment hotspots found nearby.

What types of housing is on offer in Bryanston East?

According to national real estate data source, Lightstone, the market stock composition of Bryanston East real estate is comprised of:

  • 50% freehold (full-title property)
  • 38% sectional title units (townhouses, flats, apartments)
  • 12% Residential Estate properties

Property Price Averages in Bryanston East

The average price of freehold properties can range from as low as R 2, 100 000 for spacious 3 to 4 bedroom homes, up to between R 5, 000 000 and R 8, 000 000 for more extravagant 5 to 6 bedroom homes.

The average valuation of freehold properties has also been on a steady rise since as early as 2010 and analysts expect this to climb further as more development and investment takes place in and around the suburb.

Sectional title Bryanston East properties follow a similar pattern and prices for these range between R 600 000 and R 1, 600 000 depending on unit extent, specific location and other salient real estate variables. This is also expected to increase as more opportunities for sectional title properties arise through prospective development.

Residential estate properties in Bryanston East are valued at an estimated R4 100 000 on average, and offer residents seamless access to all the high quality amenities that are synonymous with luxury, secure living.
What are the unique factors attract families and buyers to Bryanston East?

Although Bryanston was originally all farmland, this history has ensured a lush, fertile land; filled with a variety of indigenous bird species and natural flora.

Bryanston East also has excellent centrality and access to many of the enticing attractions found around the area. From the exciting nightlife in Johannesburg CBD, to the plethora of spas, restaurants as well as sought-after entertainment facilities in Sandton and other parts – there are plenty reasons to call this suburb home. This further allows residents and visitors to enjoy tremendous convenience and a wide variety of activities throughout the year, catering to both young and old.

What Amenities can Bryanston East Property owners expect?

Sports & Recreation: For sports enthusiasts there are always exciting events such as rugby games at Ellis Park Stadium or perhaps golf tournaments at the Bryanston Golf Course and Country Club.
Shopping & Entertainment: The Bryanston Shopping Mall avails both shopping and entertainment on a more luxurious scale. There are over 40 different restaurants and a host of stores and cafés to keep the entire family well entertained. And if that’s not enough to settle your craving then the wealthy Sandton suburb and vibrant Johannesburg CBD are only around half an hour’s drive away, giving you an even broader shopping and entertainment experience.
Education: Many residents who have chosen to make Bryanston East their home have chosen this area because of the high quality schooling and university facilities available. And with Bryanston Primary School, Michael Mount Waldorf School and Wits University being so close to the suburb; it’s not difficult to understand why.

Author: Barry Davies

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