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What are the trends of the Berario property market?

The interesting real estate landscape underlying Berario market stock reflects a dominance of freehold or full title properties, representing about 87% of the total stock.

Sectional title properties, the likes of townhouses, flats and apartments in Berario comprise the remaining 13% of the market, and there are currently no residential estates here.

It is noteworthy that remarkable and steady growth in average property prices has been noted over the past ten years. In fact, freehold and sectional title properties in the area have considerably more than doubled in value over the same duration – making it quite enticing for any buyer interested in securing a value purchase promising excellent returns.

Where is Berario situated?

Berario is a small, affluent and warm community settled just between Northcliff and Cresta Shopping Mall; it is also situated close along the major N1 highway in Randburg, Gauteng. The location is excellent for families and individuals wanting to enjoy the cosy feel of a small suburb, while still staying close and in touch with urban development.

Furthermore, what makes this area great for businesspeople and professionals alike is the open access to the main city of Johannesburg as well as affluent suburbs like Sandton.

This, of course, affords circumspect buyers easy reach to all major attractions and modern amenities – making it a dream location for any investor or family-home buyer.

What are some of the lifestyle and community benefits that Berario property owners can look forward to?

Although this suburb is small, the Berario Bear Fair actually attracts thousands of visitors every year, when Teddy Bear lovers, enthusiasts and collectors congregate to display, buy and sell common, rare and one-of-a-kind Teddy Bears.

There is a very active tennis club, which is well supported by young and old. This is on the grounds of the Berario Recreation Centre that also offers ballet, modern dancing, hip hop, tap and acrobatics.

It is zoned for excellent schools, i.e. Northcliff High and Primary Schools and Northwest Christian School and Abbotts College. It is in close proximity to Radford House, the only school for gifted children in Gauteng. 
Throughout the rest of the year residents can often be found enjoying the abundance of community-focused gatherings and activities.

The area provides a cornucopia of cultural events and happenings, including trendy nightlife a stone throw away in neighbouring suburbs. Prospective property buyers will also be interested in the amazingly versatile selection of both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in the area.

Apart from shopping centres and malls located close by - teeming with all the brands and categories one could hope to find - there’s plenty in terms of recreation too. This includes exciting rock-climbing adventures, which cater to both amateur and veteran climbers; walks, hikes and cycling through nature trails; as well as simply appreciating the likes of the naturally picturesque scenery from the popular Northcliff Hill - to mention a few.

What industries can be found in and around Berario?

Due to the small size of Berario, the major industry within the suburb is tourism, with B&B’s, local restaurants, shops and boutiques being an ever-present force throughout.

Activities around this area, however, range from industrial, to commercial and retail as well as endeavours relating to nature, conservation and wildlife.

This speaks volumes for the profile of buyer that could easily consider the area for both buy-to-let and buy-to-live purposes.

Investors seeking healthy returns with medium to long-term wealth creation, aspiring and established businesspersons, progressive families and even retirees could comfortably adopt Berario as their next investment or purchase platform.

Author: Barry Davies

Submitted 24 Nov 16 / Views 208