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What are the pricing and sales trends of Allens Nek property composition?
This growing, well-situated and almost rectangular shaped suburb has a property market stock composition dominated by sectional title properties at 67%; followed by freehold or full title properties representing 30% and residential estate properties accounting for the remaining 3% of the total stock.
Allens Nek Sectional Title
Undoubtedly a main drawing card of the area is its wide selection of premium, but affordably priced, properties within this category made up of townhouses, flats and apartments – much like the Weltevreden Park (an adjoining suburb) market.
The abundant supply means a wider market selection to accommodate the varying tastes, income levels and other aspects influencing buyers’ decisions.
The  average  price  based  on  the  99  reported  transfers  over  the   recent  year, is approximately  R725 000  -  which   comes  in  at  around  R50 000 above  the current  growth  and  activity  price,  and  is marginally  lower  than  the  prevailing  municipal  average  price. 
Despite this, sectional title, and full  title selling  prices  can  range  from  as  low  as  R500 000  or  so, to an  excess  of  R2 000 000. The suburb is  ripe  with  investment  potential  and  buyers  of  all  kinds  will  be  glad  to  note  that  the average  price  here  has  shown  an  increase  over  the  last  ten  years.
Average prices here are on par with Roodekrans more locally, as well as Rusdal in WC on a national level.
Freehold houses in Allens Nek
In this category we note that 38 successful house transfers have taken place over the recent twelve months, with an overall average price of little over R 1, 200 000.
Growth and activity trends of the area report a slightly higher average by about R 37 000 – while the municipal average is over R 1, 350 000. Yet, there is still a fair diversity for property buyers and savvy investors of unique appetites, seeing that recent average sales prices have ranged from about R 370 000 to over R 1, 700 000.
This area favours freehold investments too, given that the average property price here is considerably lower than current nearest town ranking averages. This makes it a haven for value buys, offering great potential ROIs for the future.
For example the average price here is considerably lower than the likes of Kloofendal in light of nearest town rankings, whereas in national terms it is on par with suburbs like Eduanpark in Limpopo.
Residential Estates
Just 4 of these properties were sold over the recent year, which makes sense given that these sales fall into the smallest segment of Allens Nek stock composition which is strongly sectional title based.
The overall average in this category tips over R 770 000 based on a range of selling prices from R 600 000 to R 830 000.
These prices suggest great value, especially in an area of fewer residential estate homes for sale. Investors may be particularly keen on acquiring a jewel in a secure, close-knit community synonymous with residential estate living, possibly for rental or resale down the line.
Where is Allens Nek situated, and what makes its location advantageous?
Allens Nek is a thriving suburb located in Roodepoort with the affluent Randburg and Sandton in close proximity. Surrounding it one will find similarly styled suburbs such as Strubens Valley. With the city centre of Johannesburg also within easy reach, the location is advantageous to property owners who can comfortably enjoy that tranquillity of inner-suburb living, with the option of embracing fast-paced city life and its benefits. Roads, such as the M47 and R564, make for easy incoming and outgoing accessibility. 
What are some of the amenities within reach of Allens Nek property owners?
Residents have a plethora of options when it comes to first-class amenities in and around the suburb; here’s a bit more insight:
Schooling : Allens  Nek offers  a  variety  of  different  schooling  levels  within  close  proximity, catering  to  all ages. Smart  Brat  Nursery  School,  Allen  Glen  High  School  and  several  private  schools  being  Charter  House,  Trinity  House  Little  Falls  and Maragon  Private  School.  The  Monash University  is  situated  in  Ruimsig  which  is  a  short ten minute  drive. There  are  several  more  schools  which  are  easily  accessible  to  residents  in  the  surrounding  areas.
Healthcare: There  are  a  number  of  well-established  medical  facilities  available  near  Allens  Nek,  the  Life  Wilgeheuwel  Hospital  is a 5 minute  drive  away.  There  is  also  the  Flora  Clinic  and Strubens  Medical  Centre  which  is  also  5-8 minutes  away.  Be Safe Paramedical  and Valued  Life  Health  can  be  accessed.
Entertainment and Shopping: Clearwater  Mall  is  available  to residents  of  this  suburb  and  offers  everything  from  cinemas,  to  a  variety  of  eateries  as  well  as  retail  stores, and abundant  parking. Furthermore,  Hillfox  and  Makro  are  within  a  five minute  drive.  A  short  drive  from  Allens  Nek  in  the  neighbouring  suburbs  are  Northgate  and  the  Randpark  Ridge  Shopping  Centre  and  the  beautiful  Lifestyle  Garden  Centre.
Places  of  Worship:  Within  the area  and  surrounding  suburbs  are  many  places  of  worship  of  different  denominations.
Why Allens Nek is for you?
Allens Nek is literally a gem that’s been established in the midst of various progressive and sought after suburbs. Apart from offering buyers great value for money, the inner-suburbs lifestyle that Allens Nek provides makes it ideal for family living, those looking to quieten down or professionals and businesspersons seeking a peaceful, secure suburb within travelling distance of surrounding commercial hubs.
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Author: Barry Davies

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