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There’s nothing more appealing than a fireplace on a cold winter day, and homeowners lucky enough to have a built-in fireplace in their living room should make the most of it. However, if they have an older fireplace and mantel, they may need to update it to fit in with more modern furniture and décor.
Brick fireplaces, for example, can be charming and elegant in traditional homes but tend to make an odd focal point in remodelled and updated rooms. Luckily, they can easily be revived now with the new generation of specially formulated brick paint that not only withstands high temperatures but also retains the texture and feel of natural brick, so that your fireplace will look newly-built. 
Another option is to clad the brick with pre-fabricated mouldings to match the existing style of the room. Mantelpieces can also contribute great eye appeal if they fit in with the prevailing décor, and there are many websites offering pre-built mantels as well as mouldings, legs and surrounds. (See, for example, and or For the DIY enthusiast, there are also dozens of videos on YouTube to show you how to build and fit a mantelpiece yourself.
Meanwhile, homeowners who are feeling the chill and don’t have a fireplace should seriously consider installing a freestanding unit. There is a very wide range available and some that don’t even need a flue or chimney. Gas fireplaces, for example, are clean and efficient and the new models will realistically simulate a softly flickering bed of embers without a fake log in sight, and without any sooty buildup.
Or you might prefer a modern, Scandinavian-style woodburner that actually uses pellets of recycled and compressed sawdust. Again, there is a huge range to choose from, and whatever your choice, having a fireplace will add great ambience as well as warmth to any room – and value to your home.

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Author: Barry Davies

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