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Chas Everitt Randburg Supports Cheshire Home

Home's mission is to provide support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhance their quality of life. The organization's goals include:

To promote residential care for profoundly disabled persons 
To promote disabled persons' self development and self reliance. 
To operate day care education centers for disabled
The Chas Everitt Randburg Office has chosen to support Cheshire Home in terms of the Chas Cares programmed that was initiated as a part of the Chas Everitt organization's 30th Anniversary in 2010.
Chas Everitt Randburg Fundraising projects:

22 April 2010 - Soup and bread. Proceeds were used to purchase soaps and facecloths for Cheshire Home.
8 May 2010 - Jumble/ Garage sale. Randburg agents and assistants contributed in terms of clothes, furniture etc. Quality goods were sold at very affordable prices. Funds raised R1 585.
8 June 2010 - Barnyard event for Chas Everitt and Friends.

12 May 2010 - Visit to Ann Harding Cheshire Home for the physically handicapped.

Met with Manager Willem Roos
All residents presented with homemade gift consisting of toiletries, and magazines. Old clothes donated to their thrift shop.
All 40 residents (varying in age from 17 upwards) were visited. Residents include RSA, Malawi and Zimbabwe citizens.
Chas Everitt Randburg was received exceptionally well with such a spirit of optimism and thankfulness.
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Chas Everitt Constantiaberg Supports SARDA
SARDA's aim is to provide the opportunity of therapeutic and recreational horse riding for disabled people so that they might benefit in all aspects of their mental, physical and social lives.
The Chas Everitt Constantiaberg office have chosen to support SARDA in terms of the ChasCares programme that was initiated as a part of the Chas Everitt organisation's 30th Anniversary in 2010.

The Constantiaberg sales team have committed to support a variety of fund raising events that have been arranged from selling tickets for events and fund raisers and support in various ways throughout the year.

SARDA have (amongst other welfare organisations) also been invited to be of 30 local organisations to apply for a R30 000 cash donation from the Chas Everitt Cape Region. Every Chas Everitt office has the ability to invite their chosen welfare organisation to apply for the R30 000 cash grant that will be awarded at a function to be held in July that will be the culmination of the 30th Anniversary celebrations.

This same process is being followed around the country in other Regions with each of the three main Regions donating R30 000 to the successful organisation.
SARDA, Cape Town branch, has been awarded the Social Responsibilty for a 4th year running, from June 2010 to June 2011.

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