Umhlanga Real Estate and Area Information


KwaZulu-Natal’s Umhlanga suburbs are home to some of the province’s most sought after real estate.

The Umhlanga area has a variety of property types available.

If you are looking at residential property you will find freehold houses (full title) and sectional title properties, flats, duplexes, simplexes and vacant stands. Umhlanga commercial property is also available in both conventional freehold and sectional title.


Umhlanga Residential properties

According to statistics taken from the FNB Umhlanga Property Barometer, conventional 3-4 bedroom stand-alone properties in Umhlanga range from anywhere between R2 million and R3.5 million. The more luxurious upmarket properties for sale in Umhlanga can sell for between R3.5 million up to approximately R10 million and even more for some of the most exclusive homes. Medium freehold or full title Umhlanga properties can go for about R5 million and vacant stands up to R6 million based on 2012 statistics.

Vacant stands can be large and many are developed by purchasers for sectional title or residential Umhlanga estates homes. Large and medium sectional title homes can range between R2.5 million and R4.5 million, again as per 2012 statistics.

Umhlanga also plays host to a wide variety of simplexes and duplexes. These also hold in value and are often sold for between R1.5 million and R3.5 million.

Renting a property in Umhlanga can be quite pricey. Depending on property size and location you can pay anywhere between R6 000 for a 1 bedroom apartment or flat and R30 000 per month for a 4 bedroom house. Trends in number of sales for both full and sectional title Umhlanga properties have indicated a positive increase since 2010 and currently the lions share are sectional title flats, townhouses and apartments.

Thus far in 2014 there are around 170 sectional title (flats, townhouses, apartments) sales and some 28 freehold or full title real estate sales. The average price for a freehold Umhlanga property for sale is approximately R2.8 million and about R1.8 million for a townhouse, flat or apartment currently.

The lowest average price over the last 3 years for a freehold home was around R2.5 million and about R1.7 million for sectional title property in Umhlanga. For full title Umhlanga houses, around 45% are 4 bedroomed and 46% between 300 square metres and 500 square metres. With vacant stands a significant 89% are between 1000 square metres and 1500 square metres. With sectional title complexes and units nearly 60% are 3 bedroom homes, and almost three quarters are between 100 square metres and 200 square metres.

Umhlangas Location

Umhlanga is located on South Africa’s east coast and lies about 15 kilometres north of Durban. The nearest highways to Umhlanga are the M4, N2 and N3. Umhlanga as an upper-income area boasts some of the largest as well as some of the most expensive properties in KwaZulu-Natal.

The area is home to some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches including the pristine Bronze Beach and Main Beach.

The areas surrounding Umhlanga include Durban North, Glenashley, Glen Anil, Glen Hills, Umdloti, La Lucia and Mount Edgecombe.

Umhlanga Shopping & Entertainment

Umhlanga is located near two major shopping centres, Gateway Theatre of Shopping and The La Lucia Mall. Gateway is one of Africa’s biggest shopping centres and was opened in September of 2001.

Both are home to most of South Africa’s leading retail stores including international chain stores and prestigious brands. There are also a variety of smaller shopping centres including Granada Centre and The Crescent. Umhlanga is noted for its nightlife. There are a various pubs, bars and nightclubs in Umhlanga and its surroundings, mostly upmarket.

Umhlanga Transport

Umhlanga Rocks Drive serves as the main road in the suburb and allows for easy access to neighbouring areas; it also serves as the main bus and taxi route for the area. The main bus operator in the area is Durban Transport.

Umhlanga Recreation

The area also offers a wide variety of gyms. There are two Virgin Active centres located at Gateway Theatre of Shopping and The La Lucia Mall, as well as the Escape Gym in the Crescent and the Cabana Beach Gym found at the Cabana Beach Hotel.

There are also a number of sports clubs close to the area, including Northwood Crusaders and Varsity College Old Boys.

Umhlanga Health & Safety

Umhlanga Rocks has its own police station located at 1 Autumn Drive. The area also plays host to the Umhlanga Hospital and The Umhlanga Medical Centre.

Umhlanga Nature & Outdoors

Umhlanga also lays in close proximity to several nature reserves, these include The Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve, the Hawaan Forrest, The Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve and The Virginia Bush.

Umhlanga Education

There are many pre-primary, primary and secondary schools in the area including Umhlanga College, Altholton Primary, Crawford College La Lucia, Northwood Boys’ High and Danville Girls’ High, to name a few. Most of the schools in the area are covered by bus routes. The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, UNISA Durban and Varsity College Durban North are also situated nearby.

Purchasing an Umhlanga property gives you access to all the facilities, modern conveniences and amenities you could ever ask for in your neighbourhood.

Properties in Umhlanga are escalating in value, in spite of the recent economic crisis, giving you a secure long term investment. Whether you are looking for a primary home, a holiday house, a retirement property or investment real estate - look no further.

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Author: Barry Davies