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Oudtshoorn Property Information
Properties in Oudtshoorn promise complete peace and tranquillity for residents and also offer great investment value due to the rich and fertile land as well as the large number of tourists drawn to the area annually. According to 2013 FNB Oudtshoorn property report properties in Oudtshoorn are comprised of 96% full title properties and just 4% sectional title. The nature of the area makes it a haven for farming and tourism-related activities.
As far as properties are concerned, the houses for sale in Oudtshoorn offer good value and are affordably priced while still offering options for the mid to upper market. The range can be R 230 000 for a small 2 bedroom house, up to R 7, 000 000 for luxurious homes as large as 9 bedrooms or so! There are also a large number of prime Oudtshoorn vacant stands for sale, both small and large. Smaller plots of vacant land are typically priced between R 100 000 and R 500 000, but most often average at R 270 000.
Larger plots of farmland are also abundant and range from R 750 000 all the way up to R 60 000 000 plus. Two thirds of the freehold properties for sale in Oudtshoorn are regarded as 3 bedroomed, and almost half of these fall within the 100 square metres to 200 square metres range. With sectional titles almost half are regarded as 2 bedroomed, while more than half are above 100 square metres up to 200 square metres.

Almost 40% of sectional title Oudtshoorn properties are small and intimate, between 40 square metres and 60 square metres. The years 2011 to 2013 have also demonstrated a consistent, and positive, increase in freehold property prices.
A closer look at some of the suburbs in Oudtshoorn will also allow for a clearer picture of the market stock and sales between 2012 and 2013. Lightstone Oudtshoorn property reports indicate that the West bank market stock is comprised of 93% freehold properties and 7% sectional title. A total of 89 sales transfers were recorded over the above period, at an average of R 750 000.
Oudtshoorn Central
 properties are comprised almost entirely of freestanding properties with a small amoint (some 3%) of sectional title (flats, apartments,townhouses) at an overall average of R 511 000.

According to Tivvit Seelandsnek recorded 16 freestanding Oudtshoorn property sales over the last year with an average extent of 536 square metres, and at an average price of R 725 000. Property sales indicate that over the past few years most of the buyers and sellers have been aged 55 years and upwards; although the age group 35 to 44 years still represents a reasonable chunk.
A look at all the suburbs in Oudtshoorn indicates that the 5-year period from 2008 to 2013 records 2 867 sales according to Tivvit reports. This number consists of 2 729 freestanding Oudtshoorn property sales and 138 sectional title sales.

The total sales value is R 1 190, 987 000 with an overall average sale price of R 415 412. This is a conservative estimate bearing in mind it’s based on a 5 year analysis and includes various property types of various sizes; notwithstanding the fact that prices are appreciating.
A more focused view over the last year for Oudtshoorn properties, again as per Tivvit suburb reports, gives us a more current perspective on property sales. In Short a look at Oudtshoorn Central, Wesbank and Seelandsnek reveals a range of between R 550 000 and R 760 000 roughly. The table below can be analysed for greater detail.

Sectional Title  
Total No. of Sales
Total Value
Ave. Sales Value
Suburb No. of Sales Value No. of Sales Value
Oudtshoorn Central 136 79,056,120 6 1,281,000 142 80,337,120 565 754
Wesbank 73 54,960,000 10 8,153,000 83 63,113,000 760 398
Bridgeton 46 9,870,310 0 0 46 9,870,310 214 572
Seelandsnek 14 8,865,000 0 0 14 8,865,000 633 214
Colridge View 11 3,560,600 0 0 11 3,560,600 323 691
Oudtshoorn Remainder 0 0 3 2,815,000 3 2,815,000 938 333
Toekomsrus 10 2,727,720 0 0 10 2,727,720 272 772
Netton 5 388,991 0 0 5 388,991 77 798
Bongolethu 3 270,000 0 0 3 270,000 90 000
New Location 4 184,271 0 0 4 184,271 46 068
Armoed  1 42,000 0 0 1 42,000 42 000

Oudtshoorn General Area Information
Oudtshoorn is a peaceful country town nestled away in the stunning Western Cape province, and attracts tourists and visitors through its various outdoor and nature activities. From the world famous “Cango Caves” to the fun family-oriented “Meerkat Adventures”, Oudtshoorn is the perfect place for a family holiday, or indeed the simplest form of leisure.
Due to the naturally awe-inspiring landscape in Oudtshoorn, residents of properties in Oudtshoorn tend to lead a country lifestyle, with nightlife and daytime events very focussed on the nature around them. For daytime ‘adventure’ there are Ostrich farms to visit, meerkat reserves and even cage-diving with crocodiles, while at night the main event is stargazing in “The Klein Karoo”, and much more.
Residents of properties in Oudtshoorn are very friendly and welcome visitors and tourists with open arms. Since Oudtshoorn receives hordes of tourists yearly, much of the town and its activities are designed around, and dedicated to, local tourism. This is why you also have a wide selection of pristine lodges and B&B’s to choose from. One of the noted highlights from tourists visiting Oudtshoorn is that the lodging is extremely pleasant, with real home cooked food, and abundant portions too!
Oudtshoorn Education
Schooling at credible institutes is available for learners of all ages. Some of the schools include Wesbank Laerskool, Van Reede Primary School and Pine Hurst Girls High School to name a few.
Oudtshoorn Health and safety
Oudtshoorn property owners will have access to various medical facilities such as Oudtshoorn Hospital and Medi-Clinic-Klein Karoo to name only two. SAPS presence is also strongly noted; police stations include SAPS Oudtshoorn and Bridgeton.
Oudtshoorn Wildlife
Properties in Oudtshoorn offer access to three different biomes, making it an ecological heaven. The vast Karoo, the Cape Thicket and the Fynbos all meet here, creating the perfect place for nature enthusiasts to enjoy wild animals, picturesque scenery and much more.
Oudtshoorn Stargazing
One of the common activities for both tourists and residents of properties in Oudtshoorn is stargazing. Due to the low saturation of air pollution in the Karoo, the stars become far more apparent and brighter, allowing you to see more stars and a lot more shooting stars.
Oudtshoorn Natural Beauty
The Cango Caves is an international attraction and a local favourite of residents owning properties in Oudtshoorn. It’s also the only cave expedition in South Africa to offer two courses. Visitors can opt for a Standard tour, that basically guides you through the easily walkable halls and tunnels, or they can choose the Adventure package, where the visitors will actually climb deeper into the caves with a guide!
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Buying or Selling Property in Oudtshoorn
If you are looking for value purchases and investments, Oudtshoorn properties offer fantastic options in homes, smallholdings, large farms and much more. Chas Everitt Oudtshoorn estate agents can provide expert insight and facilitation to buyers, sellers and tenants.
For the best properties in Oudtshoorn coupled with expert assistance, contact us today!

Author: Barry Davies